Basic Lore:Edit

As Masters of the Storms these dragons can cause hurricanes with their massive wings and breathe powerful blasts of lightning.  Their scales hum and crackle with deadly electricity.

 Lore books: Edit

In adult form, once you buy an upgrade for the Krenos Legend, additional lore about Krenos is given. These are below:

Krenos Legend


Purchase Krenos


The lightning dragon sought to conquer the heavens and become a god. To do so, required ambrosia..
Previous Lore unlocked To find the ambrosia, Krenos gathered a storm army and challenged the pantheons!
Previous Lore unlocked Krenos defeated Zeus, and now wields his deadly thunderbolts.
Previous Lore unlocked Not even Thor's hammer could stop the lightning dragon. Krenos now wields Mjolnir!
Previous Lore unlocked Victorious, Krenos learned the location of the Ambrosia, hidden at the center of the Galaxy.
Previous Lore unlocked Other Dragons too learned of the Ambrosia's location. It was a race to the Galaxy's core!
Previous Lore unlocked ??
Previous Lore unlocked ??
Previous Lore unlocked ??
Previous Lore unlocked ??
Previous Lore unlocked ??

Requirements and HatchingEdit

You need 20 Dragon Keys to unlock Krenos from the egg menu.

You need 10,000,000 click points to hatch the Energy Dragon. There are purchasable ways to increase your click points like in the dragon forms, but they do not carry over once the egg is hatched. These are included below as Hatch Powers. *Notice* Since these powers do NOT carry over; once the egg is hatched, you may no longer put points into the powers, thus the achievements associated with them will be NO LONGER OBTAINABLE as of now after you hatch Krenos. These achievements include purchasing each of the powers once and the Egg Click Power each level to max (9).

Hatch Powers: Edit

  • Egg Click Power
  • Itchy Sweater
  • Small Magnet
  • Potato Battery
  • Copper Wiring
  • Charging Cable
  • Large Magnet
  • 9-Volt Battery
  • Gold Wiring
  • Power Socket
  • Electro Magnet
  • Energy Cell
  • Platinum Wiring
  • Defibulators
  • Miracle Magnet
  • Super Charger
  • Hatch Krenos

Baby Form Edit

The baby form of the Energy Dragon can evolve to the adult form once you buy the Evolve! power with 50,000,000 Energy Gems. In baby form, you can only buy the following powers and the Storm Click Power is limited to 6.

Energy Dragon Baby Powers: Edit

  • Storm Click Power
  • Offline Gems
  • Auto Storm Gem
  • Static
  • Zap
  • Bolt
  • Shock
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Plasmic Arcs
  • Plasma Wings
  • Thunder Roar
  • Lightning Breath
  • Claw Spark
  • Thunder Dragons
  • Storm Heart
  • Evolve Energy Dragon

Adult Form Edit

The Adult form is the final form of the Energy Dragon. It unlocks additional powers as well as lifting the limit on the Storm Click Power. He has access to all the powers of the baby form in addition to the ones below.

Energy Dragon Adult Powers: Edit

  • All the powers the baby form had available with limits lifted
  • Sky Lair
  • Aetheral Lordship
  • Storm Mastery
  • Shock Mastery
  • Wind Power
  • Aviary
  • Sky Beasts
  • Aerial Chaos
  • Dragonado
  • Stratospheric Crash
  • Electrocalypse
  • Teslapocalypse
  • Galvanize World
  • Ascension
  • Zenith
  • Krenos Legend
  • Dragons Keys (10)