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These dragons are known as the tricksters of dragonkind. They use their chaos magic to bring illusion and fun but older, stronger members of the species bring madness and anarchy.

 Lore books: Edit

In Adult form, once you buy an upgrade to Rivensylth's Legend, additional lore about Rivensylth is given. These are below

Rivensylth Legend Level Required Lore Unlocked
?? Chaos, madness and trickery!
?? Rivensylth, the Dragon of Chaos, delights in madness and trickery... prepares for the ultimate prank!
?? As he prepared to unleash his ultimate prank, a mysterious foe arrived to disrupt his plan!
?? HOW?! The mysterious nemesis continues to mess up ALL of Rivensylths tricks and pranks right before they happen...
?? Frustrated and angry, Rivensylth dedicates his life to getting revenge on the unseen foe.
?? Rivensylth travels back in time to the moment just before his unseen nemesis first appears.
?? ...but the nemesis never shows up. As the time-traveling Rivensylth watches the younger version of himself prepare for the ultimate prank, he devises a plan!
?? To stop his nemesis from getting the last laugh, Rivensylth foils his younger selves "Ultimate Prank" first!