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This dragon is not hatched from an egg but built from a blueprint. As they grow, they cast off gears, clockwork and steam pistons for more advanced technologies and much more dangerous sources of power.

Terrorbyte's Database Level Required Lore Unlocked
?? Data collected!
?? You unlock a hard drive containing the journals of the human resistance leader.
?? "This is Connathan Jonner. *static* If you are reading this, YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!"
?? As a young boy, I remember when the T-37707 Terrorbyte was developed. We tried to warn them...
?? The artificial intelligence was too advanced, Terrorbyte became self-aware and created a robot army.
?? We formed a resistance to fight the Robopocalypse...
?? I discovered a way to stop them! And for that, the machines hunted me. Even across time.
?? Terrorbyte built a time machine to stop me in the past, and I followed to stop THEM! We ended up further back that intended...